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Having a joystick that performs consistently under all conditions is vital to productivity. This focus on productivity has quickly made J.R. Merritt's robust joysticks and operator chair systems the standard in port machinery nationwide due to their robust design, high quality, and field-proven reliability.

With an array of options and customization, J.R. Merritt chair systems provide crane operators with numerous adjustment capabilities that help optimize comfort and reduce stressful operating positions. Combined with our high resolution joysticks, these complete control systems also help operators hit targets with less stress, higher efficiency and fewer corrections.

Single axis controllers, multi-axis joysticks, and complete operator chair systems are available that can be custom configured to a range of cab and control room operated port machinery, including ship-to-shore cranes, gantry cranes (RTG), straddle cranes, container cranes, and more.


  • Ship-to-Shore Cranes (STS)
  • Gantry Cranes (RTG & RMG)
  • Straddle Cranes
  • Container Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Control Desks
  • And more

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Why J.R. Merritt Controls?

Unmatched Quality & Reliability

Whether your duty cycle is high or your operators are heavy-handed, J.R. Merritt's joysticks are manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest conditions and use. A stringent focus on quality control in our U.S.-based manufacturing facility ensures the utmost accuracy and quality of all our joysticks and controllers.

Fully Customized to Your Requirements

Every joystick we build is as unique as its application and operator. From the handle to the output technology, we partner with our customers to identify and engineer the controls that will meet and exceed the needs of their application. When working with us, consider our engineers and technical staff an extension of your own team.

Engineering Support

We go far beyond simply supplying controllers and chair systems for your machinery. Our engineering and design teams will work closely with you from concept through installation. With manufacturing, engineering and service based in the U.S., we are only a phone call away to provide support throughout the life of your equipment and operation.

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Helpful Resources & Tools

Crane manufacturers, crane service providers, and port staff encounter a variety of challenges when defining and choosing a joystick or control system for their port machinery. To assist with this process and with general maintenance, we've released the below articles.

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